Think of it like this: if you built a house and forgot to paint it, or decorate it, it wouldn’t be much of a house now, would it? More like a bunch of carefully organized pieces of wood! This is the perfect example of the benefits of design. You may have a functional website, you may even know a little bit about graphic design, but this is an area, like most other web-related fields, that is best left to the professionals. We will design you an amazing logo that will look great across all mediums (phones, tablets, billboards, JumboTrons, etc.) and will do it with you every step of the way. The end result is an image you feel comfortable calling your own.

Depending on your budget (scratch-offs, here we come!) we can design you a fully customized website, or we can work from a template of your choosing. It’s whether or not you want the McLaren F1 or the Hyundai Accent. Both cars will get you where you need to go (although I hear the Accent has issues with hills) but its all about what you want out of your site. Along with that, we can do promotional items, website copy, style guides, illustrations and much more! Don’t be afraid to ask us about our design capabilities. You’ll find we aren’t modest at all!


You have a great design (or do you?), but does it function as it’s supposed to? With Google (aka Skynet) giving precedence to mobile-optimized pages and a majority of users browsing from their mobile devices, we ensure our clients’ sites are designed to be mobile-friendly from the start. Anyone can download a template and setup a WordPress site, but we know which levers to pull and which knobs to adjust to ensure a stable, secure site (what’s that hissing sound?). We even provide our own web hosting to ensure redundancy and reliability and redundancy.


So you’ve created this amazing new brand identity, now its time to get the word out! Let us help you show people what a great business you’ve got going on. We can help bump you up the Google rankings with a healthy dose of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and maybe a little advertising and marketing (yes, there is a difference) on the side. One thing we really want to stress is the importance of having a social media presence. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin. These are some of the specific social networks you should or want to be involved with. If this is all gibberish, we can guide you through the process and make things a little less intimidating. After that, the skies the limit! We can help you create amazing ad campaigns, newsletter templates, surveys and polls, and we’ll even come over and mow your lawn! Ok, we may have made up that last one… 😎