About Us

Either you meant to visit this site or were accidentally routed here after those adorable kitten videos finished. If it was the latter, we are sorry to bring down your cuteness overload. If it is the former, welcome!

Play Nice Together — what a concept! We were taught this at a young age; get along with your brother, please include your sister, learn to share! At first, a lot of us were resistant to the idea because it meant stepping out of our comfort zone. It’s much easier to do things for yourself than for other people. As we get older, we learn that working together can produce immeasurable results, when done right. At Play Nice Together, we wanted to take this concept to the next level. It’s time to show people what it would be like if your entire brand learned to share …

So you managed to convince that guy in your IT department to set your company up with a functional website. Congrats! But, is it pretty? Does it please the eye? What if we flip that. You’ve managed to create a kick-ass logo, but why is it taking so long for your website to load all of the cool graphics you put on it!? Ugh, this is so frustrating! And let’s not get started on your social media presence. Don’t worry; we are here to help. We specialize in making sure you’re all set in the digital world. We will make people weep with joy when they visit your site. Your kids will think you’re cool again. Your dog will stop ignoring you. All because you took that one step and decided to … Play Nice Together 😀

As our gift to you, please enjoy these wallpapers of our PNT characters: