Play Nice Together Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

From our recent press release

Westchester-based digital design agency specializing in branding, graphic design, and website development, Play Nice Together (PNT), celebrates its fifth anniversary this year.

Founder Ryan Smith says, “Through my previous corporate experience, I saw the amazing ways technology, design, and marketing were being put to use in large-scale projects for multinational companies and wanted to bring that same type of experience to the small business community.”

Smith holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer & Information Science from SUNY Polytechnic Institute. A technologist from a young age, his interest in computers started in middle school and he coded his first website while in high school. After graduating college, he served as Director of Technology for Money.Net and Senior Director, Technology Operations for Possible, both based in Manhattan.

Creative Lead, Rick Waters, with a degree in Communications, and a successful clothing company under his belt balances out Smith’s tech-heavy thinking with creative flair. His passion for design is especially evident in the unique client logos, websites, and promotional materials he produces. Waters gathers ideas from the world around him. “It’s not uncommon for me to come up with an idea in the most random of places — riding my bike, out in the woods, or on the subway. It seems whenever I let my mind run loose, it always brings me back something magnificent.”

The company name, Play Nice Together, has a dual meaning. Internally, it speaks to the complementary nature of PNT’s design and technology teams. They work cooperatively to create beautiful, functional concepts for their clients. Externally, PNT helps companies build their brands through creative digital experiences that function elegantly across multiple platforms and touchpoints. They believe it is this consistency that truly makes a brand unique and recognizable in the marketplace.

PNT has both local and national clients, including 35 Westchester companies and two nonprofits. Smith understands that small businesses like his are vital to the communities they serve. A young entrepreneur, he thinks it’s important for more Millennials and Gen X’ers to stay and build local businesses in Westchester County. “It gives us an extra level of satisfaction when we can help a local business that we personally patronize. Our clients bring jobs, taxes, and personalized services to the neighborhoods they serve. We all help each other grow and prosper.”, Smith says.

A typical engagement starts with an on-site visit to the client’s premises so that PNT can get a feel of the company culture, the environment in which they work, and how they interact with their own customers. Every brand has a story to tell and PNT feels they offer a better value by immersing themselves into the fabric of their clients’ businesses.

“Play Nice Together created a great website for me and was there to answer all of my questions regarding server storage, domain name registration, and all of the other aspects necessary for web-based marketing. They were very helpful in assisting me in navigating Google Apps when I first signed up for the service. I was very impressed with their professionalism and the final product is beautiful.” Ryan Daley, Founder, Broadpark Advisors.

“Of all the firms I interviewed for the purpose of creating my company’s logo, marketing material, food product label, and website, PNT was the only one that immediately understood my mission. During the many months that we worked together, PNT was much more like a partner rather than a ‘hired gun’. Rick and Ryan are very talented, have a depth of knowledge and expertise in their respective areas, a sense of fun and enthusiasm, and, if an issue arose that was unusual or unexpected, their first and only response was to find a solution and quickly. I could not ask for a more responsive, focused and talented team, and I highly recommend their work.” –Dina Fleischman, President, Dimimiko, Inc. (oilladi)

Other local clients include The Padded Wagon (moving and storage company), RT Fabrics (wholesale fabric supplier), Stylin’ (full-service hair salon), and The Event Department (event planners specializing in community relations and development consulting).

PNT has seen an increase in gross revenue every year since its inception. This year is projected to be the best year yet for the digital design company, with a 42% projected increase of annual gross income over last year.

Play Nice Together is a member of the Rising Tides Alliance Business Networking Group and the Business Council of Westchester.

About Play Nice Together

Play Nice Together — what a concept! We were taught this at a young age; get along with your brother, please include your sister, learn to share! At first, a lot of us were resistant to the idea because it meant stepping out of our comfort zone. It’s much easier to do things for yourself than for other people. As we get older, we learn that working together can produce immeasurable results, when done right. At Play Nice Together, we wanted to take this concept to the next level. It’s time to show people what it would be like if your entire brand learned to share …

So you managed to convince that guy in your IT department to set your company up with a functional website. Congrats! But, is it pretty? Does it please the eye? What if we flip that. You’ve managed to create a kick-ass logo, but why is it taking so long for your website to load all of the cool graphics you put on it!? Ugh, this is so frustrating! And let’s not get started on your social media presence. Don’t worry; we are here to help. We specialize in making sure you’re all set in the digital world. We will make people weep with joy when they visit your site. Your kids will think you’re cool again. Your dog will stop ignoring you. All because you took that one step and decided to … Play Nice Together 😀

Left to right: Michelle Adams, Event Coordinator, Harper’s; Rick Waters, Creative Lead, Play Nice Together; Dina Fleischman, Owner, Oilladi.

Left to right: Perry DiNapoli, Owner, The Briarcliff Manor; Amir Asadi, Financial Advisor, MassMutual Financial Group; Ryan Smith, Owner, Play Nice Together.

Left to right: Members of the Rising Tides Alliance networking group, including Carol Christiansen, Principal Broker/Partner, Cafe Realty; Mike Dardano, Owner, Buzz Potential; Jodi Mercedes, Co-Owner, Simply Retreat; Rick Waters, Creative Lead, Play Nice Together; Tom Fox, Owner, MyEureka Solutions; Amir Asadi, Financial Advisor, MassMutual Financial Group; Ryan Smith, Owner, Play Nice Together; Walter Brady, Associate, ASEA; Perry DiNapoli, Owner, The Briarcliff Manor.

Left to right: Kevin Brown, Owner, Hudson Barter Exchange; Paul J. Feiner, Town Supervisor, Town of Greenburgh.

Left to right: Linda Tyler, Membership Coordinator, Business Council of Westchester; Ryan Smith, Owner, Play Nice Together; Sara James, SVP of Membership & Programs, Business Council of Westchester.

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