Santa came and conquered — post-holiday tips for businesses

The holiday funk. It happens to us all. December is one of the craziest months for business to consumer relationships. It is easy to get a tad burnt out once the 25th comes along, but it’s important not to just throw in the towel and call it a month; there are still plenty of things left to do!

Assess the situation

How did your business do this holiday season? Did you perform better or worse than last year? This is a great time to see which strategies worked and didn’t work this time around. Did that special holiday promotion bring you more customers or end up losing you money? Seeing how your month went, what decisions would you make differently the next time around?

You’re not out of the woods yet

Although it may seem like the year is over, you’ve still got plenty of time to go out with a bang. If you’re a business geared towards consumers, try and think of ways to thank your customers for being so loyal. If you are geared towards other businesses, remind them why working with you is the right choice. This is the time to give back to the people who have made you as successful as you are today. The easiest way to do this? A thank you letter. Whether it’s in the form of a newsletter or individually mailed postcards, nothing makes a person feel more special than knowing they directly influenced the success of a company they adore. This is also a great way to remind them that you are still out there and still willing to work for them.

Planning for future success

This might actually go against our last statement, but the year IS almost over. Can you believe it?? It’s time to get ready for the next. This could mean meeting with your peers to discuss new strategies, hunkering down in the shop to produce more inventory, or taking a much deserved vacation. One of the most important aspects of being your own boss is to remember that you are only human. It is very easy to get burned out if you don’t remember to rest and recuperate when the time allows it. You’ll also find that these down times are great ways to come up with new and fresh ideas for your brand. This, in turn, will make your return to the grind that much more effective. Take time for yourself and come ready to work!

These are just a couple of post-holiday tips and tricks to help you and your business grow and evolve. Feel free to adapt these words to suit your particular needs. Good luck in 2015!!!!

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