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The Briarcliff Manor

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Harper’s Restaurant & Bar

– – – – –

Artisanal Cocktails – Fall and Winter 2014

Located in Dobbs Ferry, NY, One of Harper’s biggest draws (besides the exceptional food) is the seasonal cocktails, created by their esteemed mixologist Clark.

With his help, we were tasked with photographing these gorgeous drinks for Harper’s blog and social media. Pictures below are of their fall and winter cocktails.

Skills: Photography, Layout
Equipment: Nikon D3100 SLR, Adobe Photoshop



– – – – –

Westchester Farmhouse Ale Competition – 2015

Brought to you by Harper’s Bar & Restaurant, and sponsored by the Yonkers Brewing Company. Featuring over 20 local beers by home brewers competing for a chance to brew professionally with the Yonkers Brewing Company.

The task was to design an image that fit the look and feel of this event, along with various paraphernalia to round out the entire event.

Skills: Vector graphics, typography, layout
Equipment: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop



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Spark Group

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